"Carl Laemmle Presents"

In December 2016, we visited Stuttgart, Germany for the Opening of an Exhibit honoring my relative, Carl Laemmle, who founded Universal Studios.

We were filming for our documentary on this trip!

With my husband, Warren, and our
daughter, Esther - who got to miss school for the trip!

It was chilly but wonderful.
The Museum of History is in the center of town, near the Opera House, where ducks swim and locals stroll by on their way to shop at the outdoor mall nearby.

"Carl Laemmle Presents" in Stuttgart
(link to Museum site - English option)

The exhibit runs through July 2017,
and I urge all to attend.

It is the first ever large scale exhibit about Carl Laemmle -- so important to the motion picture industry and a great humanitarian.

There are clips from Universal films and even Lon Chaney's make-up bag. They wouldn't allow photos, but you can look on the website.

There is a wall of names of some of the Jews Carl saved from the Nazis' death camps. No one knows all the names...a list has never been found.

When you interact with Germans about the Holocaust, it is intense, but they are making amends and they show real caring and remorse - most who are alive today might have parents or grandparents who were involved. They say the War was difficult for them too...

They love the idea that someone from Baden-Wurttemberg -- a Swabian -- they call themselves -- went onto greatness in Hollywood. It makes them very proud. It makes me proud too. Yeah for Carl Laemmle! We will always remember you and the great things you did for Hollywood and humanity.