New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year of 2014 to everyone!
Our family tradition is to go to the Rose Parade and watch it from the roof of my cousin's movie theater. This year the marching bands, the floats, the horses and riders and baton twirlers were all awesome! There was even a stunt man on a pogo stick! (A new craze -- my daughter had been asking for one.)

I've been watching House of Cards -- and it's great. A lot to learn about Washington!

As for New Years Resolutions.

I was in Trader Joes, saying: Happy New Year, to the check out person.
She asked: "Did you make any resolutions?"
I said: "Just the opposite. My goal is to learn to accept myself the way I am."

This just popped out, but it's true.

Many of us are so self-critical. Myself included. We are talented and have so much to offer.
Some people think too much of themselves . . . but I find, most people now a days are insecure.

But when writing, we need to delve into our inner emotions, or . . . what we put on the page won't ring true. The biggest struggle is to understand yourself.

Each one of us is unique and special. No one else can write what you write. No one has your life experience.

So no more resolutions. Just tell me something interesting about yourself, something you like about yourself.

I wake up in the morning and see the day as a challenge and a call to action. I am not afraid.
I don't care too much about what people think.

If I am well restedm and excited -- anything can happen!

What is your favorite thing about yourself???