Climate Change Contest

I post things here that I think are important here.
I am sad about what is happening to our planet.
I always have been.
I used to look at the smog over the Santa Monica Bay and vow that someday I would live away from . . . . All Things That Polluted.
I spent a lot of time hiking and backpacking and even moved to a remote island in Brazil.
Then taught in Africa.
I spend a lot of time in nature and then realized that I needed to be around people more. I was lonely. I was a loner. I traveled and tried to change the world. I will never forget the class of kids I taught in Kenya and I am also happy I met a wonderful man and had another child.

(My older daughter is now 25 and we lived in Kenya together from when she was 8 - 11, but that's another story for another time.)

The environment is still a huge issue for me.
We can't live in a bubble.
We are all connected.
We need to take care of the planet if we hope to survive.

Please think of ways that you can do something for the environment this Holiday Season! Here are a few ideas that you may already be doing:

1) Recycle gifts (it's okay to re-gift when you get something new that you don't need.)
2) Take your child to the Library instead of buying them a new book.
3) Talk to a homeless person.
4) Take all your old winter clothes that you don't need to Goodwill.
5) Try to give Green Gifts -- such as books and wooden toys and reusable tins and fun building or art materials.
6) Encourage kids to get outside and into nature.
7) Go to the beach even if it's cold.
8) Go hiking
9) Go to a farm
10) Plant a garden
11) The LA ZOO is also a botanical garden and kids love it and they learn about animals at the same time.
12) Submit your own idea for #12

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