Web design workshop

There's a web design workshop at west hollywood library every wed 5-7pm -- very useful. 
Went last night, then went to work in the library. A beautiful venue -- inspiring -- with the enormous, colorful, RED PDC (Pacific Design Center) across the way!
The We Ho Lib has:
 a great Kids Lit dept 
 w/ awesome, cutting edge YA lit.

Check it out:
How do much do you know about HTML?? And where did you learn?
Do writers really need to know this?
Or is it better just to hire someone?

I ran into trouble once because I got an award from a fellow blogger -- and a didn't know how to paste it in to the blog. So now it's gone forever. I  did receive am award for versatile blogger!

What are you thoughts? 
How much time everyday do you spend on social media/ blogs etc?
What blogs do you read regularly?
Which are you favorite? Why?


  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post here. It will really helpful for those who just started to learn web designing.

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  2. thanks, Catherine. I haven't been going lately, but I may go back. I am learning a bit on my own with the Sarif program. Writers are fairly lucky because we don't need to have super complicated websites. My sister is a performer and just re-did hers. If you want to see an example of a super-sophisticated web-site that was professionally created and looks awesome in my opinion, you might want to look at rebeccajoyfletcher.com.


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