Thank You, Melinda Lo

I AM MEETING MY GOAL OF REVISING 10 PAGES A DAY -- at this rate, I'll be finished with the draft of the middle grade novel soon. I am so excited. And from now on this blog will focus more on writing, which is what I actually spend my time doing. I can get distracted by all the wonderful things in the world -- I love art, I love nature, I love hiking and being with my daughter and family and new dog. But I spend a lot of time just writing and revising.
Superb Starling -- one of the most exquisite birds in the world, in my opinion
Thank you, Melinda Lo. You're insights helped me revise and really inspired me to write faster and better. Also, as a person, you are inspiring. It is wonderful that you put gay characters into your stories and novels now and it's not a big deal. I love that!
And to everyone else, the wonderful participants of the Hollywood Schmooze, Rene Rawls, Kathy McCullough (whose 1st book, DON'T EXPECT MAGIC, I'm reading now and enjoying!) and Kerry Liu for guest blogging for the Hollywood Schmooze.
Back to the editing room...