MAY FLOWERS -- this painting won a prize at a local art show a few years ago.
This time of year, I miss painting -- I just had to take a break and paint a small mural in my kitchen. It was so relaxing....other than that and being with family for Passover. I am revising, revising, revising....all in a days work. Just got to get this baby birthed (that's what it feels like with this Middle Grade novel -- my first!)
I hear realistic fiction is HOT!!Happy April! Hope everyone had a wonderful Spring was h-** getting my daughter to school on time today. It was my fault too for being impatient. But I need to figure out how to motivate her in a positive way-- she has a chart...getting ready and being on time in the morning is a chore.
I stay up late revising, which makes me a cranky in the morning.
Coffee is the gift I most appreciate right now.
It actually changes my mood (a natural anti-depressant) No joke!

Why did T.S. Eliot say April is the cruelest month?
When I'm feeling stressed, the flower power makes me feel so much better.
Why do flowers make us happy? Is it the smell? The colors? The shape?
What is your favorite flower? Seen any good wildflowers? 

Why do we associate flowers with girls? 
Could there be a book about a boy who loves flowers???
Of course, there could. 
I'd love some more discussion on this . . . what do you think?