Author's Visit

My first ever author visit to my daughter's school went well. She's in 1st grade, so she didn't  get to be there. But the 5th graders heard one CHAPTER of my MIDDLE GRADE novel...sitting together at tables in the school library. It was cozy but not cramped. They were perfectly quiet -- you could hear a pin drop -- when I was reading, until I started asking them a lot of questions at the end. They offered me an Elmo to use (a new digital overhead projector), but I ended up passing around photos...that I had glued 3-4 to a page with captions -- from  when I taught in Kenya.
My book is about a 10 year old girl who moves to Kenya with her family and discovers her inner resources when barraged by wild animals and intimidated by the prospect of having to make new friends in this strange but beautiful land.
(I've been working on my pitch to use in queries too.)
The best part was having two girls talking to me afterwards, telling me that they want to be writers and getting my advice on how to go about it.
I love kids.
I guess that's why I'm writing for them.


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