A Waldorf School in Kenya

I spent 3 years teaching at The Rudolf Steiner School, Mbagathi, Nairobi. 
A Waldorf School outside NAIROBI, KENYA, yes, AFRICA.

It's near Nairobi National Park -- No lions or elephants, but a lot of other animals!
Giraffes, hyenas, snakes, leopards and lions (mostly inside the Park!) but occasionally they would stray... 

On the school compounds (where my daughter and I also lived with some of the international faculty) we had 20 acres of land, a school garden, a farm, cows (with fresh milk), donkeys, chickens (with fresh eggs) and, of course, cats and dogs.

Students walked or took a bus to school. A few boarded. A unique mixture of kids: English, American, German, Somali, Kenyan, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Christian...poor, middle-class, ex-patriats (or "ex-pats" as they call them there)...some on scholarship, some with parents who volunteered at the school to help pay.

Why did they want their kids to go to our school?

It was different (and still is), it's grown too.

We taught Art and Music, Singing and Dance, Gardening, Drama, English, and, of course, Math, Science and Swhaili.

What was the weirdest thing that ever happened??
A huge, long Python crawled onto the table where we were eating an evening snack outside, on the patio...

What is the weirdest, or scariest animal experience you have ever had???