Interview with writer Rachel Searles

Blogs at: "Awkward Girl" And she agreed to answer a few question via email. She's been busy submitting her novel to many illustrious agents. I find her inspiring as a writer, a blogger and a crit group partner for 2 years. She's almost always upbeat and positive. We talked about Process...
1)  How did you get interested in writing a MG novel?
It took me a few failed attempts at writing literary fiction to realize that, just like my taste in movies, I like writing adventure, action, and the fantastical! Maybe I’ll write about adults someday, but right now I’m really enjoying the point of view of children and the way those characters are still figuring out who they are.
2) What is your background in writing?
Besides all the writing I’ve done as a hobby, my professional experience was getting a Masters degree in journalism. I’ve had a few articles published in the Berkeley Daily Planet and the Turkish Daily News, but I figured out pretty quickly that I preferred making things up rather than looking for real stories to report. Fictional characters are much more obliging subjects than real people!
3) How is your submission process going?
No announcements yet, but I can’t complain. I’ve gotten some really useful feedback and I’m learning and improving all the time.
4) What have you learned in the process?
Be confident in your hard work, but know that you’re probably still not as good as you think/hope you are. Embrace constructive criticism. And always be professional.
5) Did your work as a journalist help with writing fiction?
Not really, since I didn’t do it that long. More helpful was the summer internship I did as a copy editor for the Akron Beacon Journal. I’m a bit of a grammar fiend.
6) How long have you been working on your novel?
I had the rough idea in early 2007, but I didn’t start working seriously on it until 2010, and it’s undergone a LOT of changes and critiquing since then. I’ve learned so much from the process, and I’m looking forward to applying this to my next novel.
7) What is your favorite part about writing?
I don’t know if I have a favorite part. Plotting, drafting, editing--they all have their own challenges and their own rewards. My favorite part is when something just *works* and you find yourself doing a touchdown dance in the middle of the room.
8) Do you have any daily rituals you use to inspire you or get started?
I’ve tried different things (playing music, got tired of it; lighting a candle, got a headache from the smoke), but I can’t do the same thing every day. Making myself a latte and digging up something to eat is as close as I come to a ritual, but that’s just breakfast.
9) What do you do to rebound after a rejection?
If I’m feeling especially let down, I’ll treat myself to a new cookbook. I LOVE cookbooks and I’ve already got one queued up for my next rejection. Bring it on!
10) What is your favorite dessert?
How can I pick? There’s cake in all its glorious forms, warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, chewy chocolate brownies, anything involving coconut...I could keep going if you want.
11) How do you stay in such great shape?
Um, I wouldn’t exactly call this “great” shape, but I try to fit in some running or gym classes every week, and I play tennis. “Everything in moderation” is my favorite motto.


  1. Everything in moderation has been my motto forever! Great interview

  2. I love Rachel's method of coping with rejection. It's nice to have little rewards to make the process less discouraging.


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