Dreams and Fears

Hey all, I hate to write about something depressing again…I did learned that the motorcyclist passed away and he was the son of people involved with the Miracle Mile Art Walk, a great event, where all the galleries on Wilshire in the Miracle Mile open their doors. 

I have reoccurring dreams about tidal waves – running from them, with other people usually; sometimes we are above it, watching it.  I also was terrified, as a child, of nuclear radiation falling on my home.  At the time, in the 70s, the fear was from nuclear war.

So, you can imagine what I am going through now with the disaster in Japan!  I am praying for all the people who lost their lives so suddenly, for the worker helping to cool the nuclear plant, for the survivors.

My twenty-two year old daughter’s father is from Japan.  We haven’t seen him for years and I never met any of his family (I was a wild arts student when we met in San Francisco and have since mellowed out considerably).  I have always felt close to the Japanese people, the art, the culture.  Not so much the politics.

What were they thinking building all those reactors on the side of the huge fault?  I know they need the energy, but what do we tell our kids?