First off, let me say, the kind, compassionate words healed me.  Your comments and stories shed light on my experience. I was depressed and alone and your responses lifted my anger and frustration.  Thanks. I checked at Coffee Bean. They hadn’t heard a thing.  Private information; police records.  Your prayers were heard though, I’m sure of that. Thank you.

On a lighter note: I was in Barnes and Noble this weekend when I saw a huge display of Nooks and Color Nooks. 
My 5 ¾ year old lost no time checking them out. 
For picture books, she chose: Read to me, over Read by Myself.
Who wouldn’t?  
After watching her whizz through a Barbie book and a few others, I asked her:
            “Was that more like reading a book or watching a movie?”
            She answered: “Watching a movie.”
That says it all!  

A female computer voice reads.  The child, or adult, changes the pages.  The pictures are small, the color vivid. 
My personal opinion: It’s a good way to entertain kids while traveling, waiting at a doctor’s office, a restaurant etc.
But for BEDTIMES?  NO WAY! The voice, YOUR VOICE – whether you are Mom, Dad, a relative or babysitter – is so important.  Children love our voices.  They love pictures too, of course, and the pictures on a real book are SOOO much better. 
So, don't be fooled: The E reader will never replace reading to children.  Whether to get an e-reader is up to you.  I will get one eventually, I’m sure, but use it sparingly with children. 
I wonder: Would listening to a story on an E-reader stimulate children to ask questions in the same way? Anyone have any experience already?