why do I write?

Why do I write?  I write to tell stories, to entertain and to teach.  I lived some interesting places (Africa, Israel and Brazil) and I want kids today to learn about the world -- to see the bigger picture. 

I learned from my experiences; I listened to people’s conversations, and was always interested in how people are the same and how they diff from place to place.

I never thought I'd be a writer, but I always admired writers, because I loved to read so much.
I studied art and pursued the visual arts, and then became a teacher to support myself and my daughter. 
I taught in Kenya for three years.  As a Waldorf teacher, I was called upon to draw pictures daily for my class and teach through story telling.  I loved making up stories for my class.

As a kid, whenever I got a chance to write fiction, I always loved it. I wrote one particularly memorable fairy tale about a princess who saves the prince's dying mother with a rare remedy.  I am lucky enough to have two very educated parents, who loved teaching me how to speak and write correctly, and read to my sister and me nightly when we were kids growing up.
I kept journals for many years, in which I drew, made up stories, described scenes I witnessed, places I visited, not to mention, my feelings about everything.  Now they are stored in a large, plastic container.
I write for children because they are our future and one of the best ways to reach a child is through a story!