Roast Chicken

I love the freedom of writing.  Food scenes add a lot of texture and sensory detail to stories.  I made roast chicken last night and eating this particular dish always makes me happy.  Maybe because I have allergies and can't eat dairy or wheat, and chicken never causes any problems -- it's a perfect food, when mixed with some veggies, of course.
The whole apartment heated up while it cooked at 400 degrees for a hour.  I basted it every 10 minutes or so -- put a little olive oil in the bottom of the pan, and on top, and some spices -- turmeric, oregano, pepper...and that's it!
The best food scene I've seen is in the movie Amelie when a man that Amelie is following describes how he loves to eat chicken with his fingers.
What's the BEST  food/eating scene you know?? From a book or a movie?


  1. One of the BEST eating scenes I know, I consider to be outstanding because it's so convincing. When I was a kid growing up in France, I read my big brother's books, and some of them were by Jack London or James Oliver Curwood. I wish I could remember which novel contained a scene in which a dog savored the fat globs around the entrails of a carcass, and made my mough water. Now THAT's powerful writing! (I'm almost a vegetarian, but not since or because I read that scene.)


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